When the British did not have an answer to ‘The Aussie domination’ in the early 1930s, they took away the phrase ‘Gentleman’s Game’ from cricket by introducing Jardine, Bill Bowes and Body Line bowling. When the British did not have an answer to the West Indian bowlers short pitched balls, they imposed a restriction of only two bouncers per over in test cricket. When, in 1955-56, the players of the visiting MCC team to Pakistan roughed up the standing umpire Idris Beg in Peshawar, it was officially described as ‘horseplay that backfired.’In Pakistan, when Mike Gatting moved a fielder illegally and then misbehaved with the umpire, his actions were supported by the MCC and the English players were given a bonus payment on their return. When Lillie kicked Miandad during a match in Australia, described by Ian Chappel as ‘actions of a spoilt, angry child’, he was fined a ‘whopping A$ 200.’ When Mark Waugh and Shane Warne confessed receiving money from John the bookmaker ‘for pitch reports!’ they were fined a mere A$ 10’000 and A$ 8000 respectively. When Arthur Atherton self confessed to ‘rubbing the ball’ with dirt in his pocket, the ICC stayed mum on the subject.When the Pakistani bowlers introduced the reverse swing they were called cheats. When Marcus Trescothick alleged in his book that (under Vaughan's regime possibly), the England cricketers indulged in sweet mints to try and alter the ball and cause it to reverse swing. The MCC remained mum on the subject. When Botham and Lamb were rubbished by the English court for calling the Pakistani blowers cheats, everyone stayed mum!When integrity laden Darrel Hair called Muttiah Muralitharan a chucker and on another occasion reduced five runs from the Pakistani team for alleged ball tampering, resulting in the first ever forfeit in Test Cricket and then lost all credibility by offering to resign for a significant sum of money, everyone stayed mum. When the English Team was thoroughly ‘waxed’ in The Emirates, Bob Willis is questioning the legitimacy of the bowlers arm angle at the time of delivery. When English County cricketer Mervyn Westfield recently confessed to match fixing, the MCC quickly offered amnesty to County players who confess to be involved in this practice, how come they are forgiven all sins?DR. SHAUKAT MAHMOOD, China, June 17.