KARACHI - Ms. Natalia Galdieieva, Chairman of Ukraine Chapter of the Ukrainian - Pakistan Business Council of Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and industry called on President FPCCI during her visit for participating in Joint Business Council Meeting of Pakistan and Ukraine Chapters of Business Councils.

She accompanied delegates from Ukraine including Mr. Ildar Hibadullin, General Director, M/s Yuzhmormontazh PJSC representing various companies and the company which has registered deep interest in servicing ship repairs, mining equipments and handling equipments for various service and industrial needs of Pakistan. Ms. Natalia Galdieieva also offered Pakistani Businessmen to participate on mutual interest sharing basis with Ukrainian companies servicing African markets in specific Angola.

Zakaria Usman, President FPCCI welcomed the delegates and shared his views on the approaches on as how to promote the bilateral trade. He told Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and industry that he intends to lead the delegation from Pakistan to Ukraine upon identification of the sectors of the trade by Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and industry so that targeted delegation becomes the initiator for prudent & productive start in respect of know each other & understand each other’s business needs, the prerequisite of conducting the trade to grow with the passage of time.

He appreciated the Government of Ukaraine in appointment of former Vice President of FPCCI Engr. M. A, Jabbar, as Honorary Consul General of Ukaraine in Pakistan with rich experience to advice & guide the directions to bring forth the required objectives of improving the business relationships of both the countries.

Engr. M. A. Jabbar, speaking on the occasion informed that the Honorary Consulate with the strength of Pak-Ukraine Business Council of FPCCI has been recommending to the Embassy of Ukraine at Islamabad towards the need of Visa liberalization regime to initiate with grant of visas to bonafide businessmen. He requested Ms. Natalia representing UCCI to engage in advocacy with the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ukraine for reasonable relaxations in the present visa regime offered by Ukraine to Pakistani Nationals.

He also suggested holding single country exhibition in Ukraine with the cooperation of UCCI and its Business Council on Pakistan Chapter.

On the occasion present were Mr. Shaukat Ahmed, Sr. Vice President FPCCI, Mr. Khurram Sayeed, Mr. Ismail Suttar, Vice Presidents FPCCI, Mr. Nadeem Khalid, Chairman Pak-Ukraine Business Council, Mr. Farooq Afzal, Chairman Pak-Russia Business Council and other Directors and Members of PUBC and Businessmen of High Profile, who all engaged themselves in deliberations with Ms. Natalia Galdieieva.