Gone are the days when the ‘Civil Service’ and ‘Civil Servants’ of Pakistan were honest, service-oriented, result-oriented, committed, self-less, simple, humble and motivated officials. It was because of such virtues within the civil servant of those years, that the common people were able to get their issues resolved, without facing difficulty. But today’s civil service is in complete decline.

This decline started when civil servants were appointed through lateral entries, by successive so-called ‘democratic’ governments in the the early 70’s, instead of recruiting them on merit. The decline was steep when civil servants started getting involved in massive corruption by completely sidelining the general public interests.

They also stopped being neutral in their decisions and started pleasing their political masters. The arrogant behavior of our civil servants now towards our common masses, has created a distance between the general public and them. They stopped being bold and judicious in their decisions and when accountability for the civil servants became subjective, the civil service structure collapsed completely. Now our ‘civil servants’ are corrupt officials, who love their comfort and personal wealth and give nothing to the nation or the people.


Karachi, June 17.