ISLAMABAD - The PML-N government on Wednesday rejected over 470 cut motions of opposition lawmakers in the National Assembly regarding three ministries including Cabinet Secretariat, Finance, Revenue & Economic Affairs and Foreign Affairs.

The day-long session consumed most of the time disposing of cut-motions and demands for grants of three ministries. The house approved 118 demands for grants relating to different ministries and departments for the next financial year.

The House approved Rs 103.37 billion to meet the expenditures of the Cabinet Division and its entities functioning during fiscal year 2014-15. The treasury also rejected 221 cut motions moved by the opposition members.

The House approved demands for Cabinet Division, Emergency Relief and Repatriation, Aviation Division, Airport Security Force, Meteorology, Capital Administration and Development Division, Climate Change Division, Establishment Division, Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC), National Security Division, PM’s Office, Board of Investment, PM’s Inspection Commission, Atomic Energy and Stationary and Printing.

According to the details of the cut-motions of eight different ministries Cabinet Secretariat 227, Finance, Revenue, Economic Affairs 142, Foreign Affairs 100, Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage 73, Interior and Narcotics Control 153, National Food Security and Research 59, Petroleum and Natural Resources 59 and Water and Power 15 would be disposed of in two days.

Speaking on cut-motion of about Foreign Affairs, PTI’s lawmaker Shireen Mazari expressed displeasure over foreign policy of the country, saying that even transfers and posting are not on merit. “Competent persons are not getting chance,” she said and pointed out absence of Sartaj Aziz in the House. “Why there is no proper statement about the maters of Syria and Iran,” he added.

PPP’s lawmaker Azra Fazal said that foreign policy was not making proper image of the country. “Human rights violations are continuously destroying image of the country,” he added.

Taking the floor, AML chief Sheikh Rashid also expressed serious reservation on the country’s foreign policy.

Earlier, PPP’s Ejaz Khan Jakhrani said NAB was not working properly so its allocation should be reduced. Another lawmaker from opposition benches Lal Chand demanded that the minorities should also be accommodated under Pakistan Bait ul Mal.

The House also approved the demand for grants worth Rs 5,196,899,000 for Commerce Division to meet the expenditures during the financial year 2014-15, while Rs 363,000,000 have been approved for development expenditure of Commerce Division.