ISLAMABAD -  Inter Provincial Coordination (IPC) Ministry's inefficiency cost Pakistan dearly, as the country is deprived of hosting the Second South Asian Men Netball Championship 2014, scheduled to be held from June 23 at Pakistan Sports Complex Liaquat Gymnasium.

In an exclusive interview with The Nation, Pakistan Netball Federation (PNF) secretary Mudassar Arain said: “All the arrangements to host the championship in a befitting manner were finalized. We have requested the IPC in April with complete documents for issuance of NOCs for visiting teams of India, Maldives and Sri Lanka, who had confirmed their participation some two-months back. Despite several reminders and assurances, the IPC ministry failed to provide documents to foreign ministry. The matter of the fact is foreign ministry received our request on June 16.”

“Indian and Maldives officials kept on visiting their respective embassies for the past one-week or so in hope to get clearance letter so they might apply for visas, but to the much of their disappointment, the entire process took so much time that I was left with no other option but to postpone the event. We have already spent Rs 1.2 million on arrangements and other related things so my question is who is responsible for inflicting such loss to national kitty and why the IPC and the PSB failed to act timely?” he added.

“At a time when nobody is ready to play in Pakistan, the PNF with their tireless efforts managed to arrange such a high-profile event, which could have sent a very positive message to international community. Indian team was all set to reflex muscles against Pakistanis and other international players and our players had also a great opportunity to play and learn alongside international teams, but all our efforts were destroyed by the red-tapism of slow functioning of the government departments,” he concluded.