ISLAMABAD- Convener World Minorities Alliance J Salik has condemned the police brutality in very harsh words, which resulted in killings of innocent defenseless and peaceful workers of Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) and injuring several dozen people during police raid on PAT Secretariat.

He said that police was for the security of people but it seemed that we were living in the dark. He said that we could not expect such a brutal act from Punjab Government but it showed not only its height of irresponsibility but broke all the previous records of cruelty. He said that it was the worst action in the history of Pakistan. This incident defamed Pakistan at the international level, he said.

 He said that Federal and Punjab Government had lost its value that’s why they were bullying. He said that people were no more trusting PMLN and Government; it’s over now government was no more allowed to behave like that with poor people of country. He expressed his solidarity with the bereaved families.