LAHORE - Demanding resignation from the Punjab chief minister over the gruesome incident of Minhajul Quran, PTI chairman Imran Khan said that the provincial law minister should be put in jail immediately. “I wonder why the CM has not left his office, as he should have resigned very after the killings of innocent people at the hands of police outside Minhajul Quran Secretariat.”

Talking to media outside Minhajul Quran Secretariat on Wednesday, he said, “It was surprising for everyone that the CM was unaware of the brutality despite the media was giving live coverage of the incident.”  Imran said that nothing would be changed by filing some cases against low cadre police officers.

He demanded registration of cases against the persons who had given shoot to kill orders against the protesting activists.

Calling the Punjab police a wing of the ruling party, the PTI chief said that a report of former provincial police chief, Abbas Khan, revealed that the PML-N recruited around 25,000 persons in police who had criminal record. He questioned, “Was there terrorists’ fort inside Minhaj Secretariat that the police launched an operation at middle of the night?”

Imran said the PML-N-led provincial rulers established themselves as fascists much more brutal than a dictator. He said that the PTI was already protesting against the government, and the rulers fearful of Dr Tahirul Qadri’s upcoming campaign took the coward act of terrorism. He said his party would stand by the PAT activists as long as they are provided with justice and it would not shy away from taking to the streets along with Dr Qadri’s followers for ensuring justice.