The ongoing ideological war between Iran and Saudi Arabia is proving suicidal. Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Pakistan and Afghanistan are soft targets for both these countries. The ideological differences are weakening and disintegrating the Muslim world. We had great Empires, we conquered the world and now we are playing in the hands of our enemies. Muslims are fools, as they are unable to differentiate between friends and foe, but are very wise in massacring each other and calling each other infidels! Islam is a religion of peace and it has always been defensive.

Though Shia-Sunni have historical differences in their beliefs and practices but the culture of hatred, targeting, defaming, maligning and killing intensified only recently. The Wahhabi movement in the 18thcentury cultivated the seeds of sectarianism in the Muslim world. Two major incidents which further spread sectarianism, was the Iranian Revolution and the Russian invasion of Afghanistan. The invasion of Afghanistan by the Soviet Union can be considered as the starting point for Saudi financing to Sunni Muslims in Pakistan to fight for religious or political goals.

The downfall of Muslims is due to lack of unity, and only unity can bring back their lost status. I would like to make some suggestions humbly for our government to look into to bring peace back. All foreign and local funding for religious warfare must be stopped. Countries involved should be approached with proof to stop supporting, fueling and backing these elements. OIC should become an effective organization to terminate this issue. All religious and political leaders should gather on OIC platform and swear to unite against enemies of Islam. They should take collective measures to emancipate their respective countries. Imam-e-Kaaba can also play a pivotal role in pledging all the Muslims on the eve of pilgrimage. Iran and Saudi Arabia should play productive roles instead of destructive.


Jhang, June 15.