LAHORE - Following the terrorists attack at the Karachi airport a few days back, six-layer security has been arranged at Allama Iqbal International Airport (AIIAP) by deploying Rangers, Army, Airport Security Force, police and other forces to avert any untoward incident, said a senior officer of Civil Aviation Authority, while talking to The Nation on Wednesday.

“Rangers are patrolling outside the airport building and around the runway round the clock. Similarly, to involve local police in the security issue, a new police kiosk has been established on Nadarabad side of the runway and police vehicles are all the time there to safeguard the airport and runway,” the Civil Aviation Authority official maintained.

He said that Civil Aviation Authority was conducting mock exercises to meet any emergency situation like Karachi airport.

Another Airport Security Force officer, on the condition of anonymity, said though Airport Security Force staff was vigilant and that red alert had been declared at the airport, Pakistan Army jawans were also standby and were very much ready to face any unpleasant incident at the airport.

“Senior army officers also visit the airport and runway to check the security situation on both the sides,” he added.

“We have strengthened the fence of the runway by increasing its height by three feet and is being covered with special material,” a Civil Aviation Authority officer said.

He said wild growth was being removed from around the runway and other areas of the airport to ensure maximum visibility there.

He said heavy machinery was being used to remove certain heavy things around the airport.

“Coordination meetings have been arranged among the departments working at the airport to ensure security.

Civil Aviation Authority fire brigade and ambulances are all the time standby and more vigilant to meet any untoward situation,” he asserted.

To a question why rangers were not being deployed inside the airport, a senior officer of the airport said it would create problem of command.

He said Airport Security Force was already there for inside security of the, so deploying another force would create command problem, he explained.

When contacted, the airport manager said, “We are very much vigilant and in touch with all departments and forces concerned to meet any emergency.

We have taken certain steps which are confidential and publishing that information in the press will help miscreants achieve their targets,” he said.