ISLAMABAD  - As many as 35 fair prices shops will start functioning in various areas of the Federal Capital to provide people quality food items on fixed prices during the fasting month of Ramazan. The food items will be available to the consumers at 15 to 20 per cent discount rates than market rates at these fair price shops, a spokesman of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) said here on Thursday. He said that 20 kg flour bag will be available at Rs. 660, Dal Chana per kg at Rs.86, Basin per kg at Rs.97, Ghee per kg at Rs.120.

Food Department, Islamabad, teams headed by Food Inspectors, will fix the whole-sale and retail rates of fruits and vegetables at the time of auction of these items in Fruit and Vegetable Market, Islamabad, on daily basis and providing rate list to the shop keepers for implementation. The profit percentage of fruits and vegetables is being kept at minimum level with the co-operation of traders for providing relief to the consumers during the month of Ramazan.

He spokesman informed that some 19 price control committees headed by the magistrates have also been activated to keep strict watch over the rates of food items and implementation of rate list.

The price checking teams will daily carry out price checking in their respective jurisdictions.

The administration has directed the shopkeepers to display rate list of food items in letter and spirit.

The names of fair price shops are, Liaquat Fair Price Shop, Co-operative market, G-6/1, Abbasi General Store, Amir market, G-7/2, Chaudhary Traders, Chenab market, G-7/1, Goodluck General Store, F-8/1 Tipu market, G-8/2, Awami General Store, Kala Sydan, G-9 Markaz, Frontier General Store, Rajpoot market, I-10/1, Kashif General Store, Multani market, G-9/2, Saithi General Store, G-7/3, Al-Habib market, Pakiza General Store, Saidpur, Good Luck Store, G-10 markaz, Aziz Al-Mujahid General Store, T&T, G-8/4, Paradise General Store, I-8/4, Abbasi Fair price shop, China market, F-6/4, Al-Reheem General Store, Mansoor market, G-8/1, Shahid Stall, G-11/3, Minhas Shop, I-11/3, Rasheed Butt market, G-12, Rasheed General Store, Noor Pur Shahan, Gulzar Store, Charah, Jahangir General Store, Tarnol, Hameed General Store, Tarnol, Usman General Store, Jhangi Sydan, Halla General Store, Rawal Town, Sargodha General Store, Samly Dam, Bhara Kau, Bismillha General Store, Pind Bagwal, Ghafoor Store, Sohan, Liaquat General Store, Bani Galla,