Islamabad (PR) - The certification ceremony of the Montessori Certification Programme was held at Roots Academy for Professional & Intellectual Development (RAPID) at Wellington campus.

This course was attended by over a hundred participants from all walks of life. The course very aptly encompassed the entire Montessori Pedagogy including absorbent mind, prepared environment, role of Montessori directress, normalization, 3 period lesson, introduction to sensitive periods, stages of development, deviation & normality, exercises of practical learning, sensorial exercises, language exercises, math exercises and culture exercises for the holistic development of course participants.

The ceremony started with a scintillating multimedia tour of the 3 weeks program which showcased the pictorial journey of the MCP course delegates. Bao Ji Qing, wife of Chinese ambassador to Pakistan, emphasised the significance of teacher training for a developing country like Pakistan and the impact of the Rapid initiative for teacher training. She emphasized the significance of trained teachers for the grooming of children. Trained teachers can fully develop the potential of the children and give them the impetus to evolve as value adding members of the society.

Midori Inomata, wife of the ambassador of Japan to Pakistan, was pleased to note that this professional certification workshop is committed to provide a stable foundation in the early years of a child’s development with its exclusively crafted and superior quality Montessori learning material. Falah Ali Al-Ghafari took the podium and congratulated the MCP graduates for having successfully completing this challenging training event so full of innovative training content and latest approaches in pedagogy and Montessori methodology.

He further added that professionally certified teachers are the need of the hour.

Sara Walid, Executive Director RIS, praised the team for conducting this preschool training and reiterated her resolve to empower the teachers on the platform of Roots Academy of Professional & Intellectual Development through internationally benchmarked training programmes to provide quality teacher training and empowering women of Pakistan. The ceremony concluded with the award of certificates to MCP graduates and mementos to the distinguished guests and trainers.