Indian Prime Minister seems to have revived the spirit of Pakistan’s ideology based on the Two-Nation Theory, not only amongst the people in the independent Pakistan, but also amongst the Muslims living under discrimination across India, thanks to his anti-Muslim and anti-Pakistan tilts in the fanatic Indian politics. This also leads to believe that Allama Iqbal, Muhammad Ali Jinnah and other leaders were not wrong when they, as Muslim leader faced discrimination by the Hindu dominated All India Congress, which compelled them to form the All Muslim League to struggle for a separate identity.

We in Pakistan are far better off than our Muslim brethren, living under the subjugation of so called secular India where, now, the Indians have under a well thought out policy denied the right of elevation, getting higher education, executive jobs, or expansion of business for the Muslims. Indian Prime Minister Modi has offered India’s permanent citizenship to any Hindu living in Pakistan, Afghanistan and other regional countries, to show to the world that his country safeguards the interests of only Hindus. The same way he has proved that Muslims or other communities are not safe in the country. In other words, it means Pakistan should reciprocate by offering a Muslims of India citizenship.

Intellectuals, writers, teachers, political workers and media in the lead role, will have to play their part in reviving the spirit of Nazria-e-Pakistan to defeat the nefarious designs of our cunning enemy. Collectively, we will have to defeat terrorism, religious extremism, provincialism, racism, secularism, extortion, money laundering and corruption; we should contribute towards building a Pakistan which is a true reflection of Nazria-e-Pakistan.


Islamabad, June 16.