LAHORE - Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of the National Highways and Motorways police Mirza Faran Baig said Thursday that the GPS tracking system had been installed in the vehicles of motorways police.

This technology would help police provide timely help to road users in distress besides improving coordination and emergency response time on highways.

According to a police spokesperson, earlier a special informative GPS tracking system training program for patrolling vehicles was conducted in Sector Office N-5 Central.

While giving details about the system, Zonal Commander DIG Mirza Faran Baig said that the GPS tracking system would provide movement report, excess idle report, stop report, geo fencing report (route deviation), and speed violation report and also summery report. It will help ensure coordination much quicker and simpler. “Right now, officials have to contact individual beat cars to find their locations. With the GPS tracking system, the location of all cars is available at the click of a mouse,” he said.

He said the system would keep the control room updated on movement of patrolling vehicles.