India is a ‘wonderful’ country, where Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs live, under Hindutva, to ex-communicate the rest of the communities from the ‘Hindu’s soil’. It does not hide historical realities for long, where with anger and frustration, but with an acute sense, its leaders publically admit their past wrongs against other countries.

No one is blaming India, rather they are confessing by themselves. They have abused Pakistan 67 years, where they have no other option than to admit their own sins. We are looking forward when they also confess about the Mumbai attack, Samjohta Express, water blocking and much more.

After the 1971 tragedy, their confession on these matters is nothing but a small fly for them, where they do not care how they harm their neighbor and divide the State. They think that it is their ‘divine right’ under Hindutva to reunite the parts of ‘Mother India’ broken into pieces by British Samraj, as their conspiracy to break’s India’s historical legacy as a power.

The ModiSarkar wants to improve relations with Pakistan, but one their own terms, not as Pakistan and the world at large want. They have their own agenda since last year after the Sarkar came into power; with violations at the Line of Control (LoC) are their mindset and a well-articulated policy. Pakistan needs to be more diplomatic than political and reactionary so that the ModiSarkar continuously admits India’s past relations with Pakistan.

Pakistan must ‘behave’ on India’s dictations so that relations improve between the two ,because India does not respect the UN Charter of non-interference in the internal affairs of other States, independence, good neighborly relations, and people’s natural right to rule, democracy, and plebiscite. The renowned American political thinker Francis Fukuyama disappoints in his latest publication that if Indian democracy is closely inspected, it could not deliver as a democracy.

For these reasons, India could not develop good relations with Pakistan, other small and peripheral states of South Asia and also with China. And how come India’s ‘approves’ good neighborly relations between Pakistan and China? India poisonous propaganda about the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is now well exposed to the outside world. They have adopted an anti-development attitude against the CPEC, where it is a rigid reaction on the basis of Hindutva. India has to maintain its domination in South Asia. Conversely, the new development under the CPEC would crush the ‘Sleeping Budha’ and so many deities.

China out rightly dismisses India’s reaction on the CPEC, where they conveyed the same when Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited China in May. Why then does India object a majority decision of development in the region and further isolates itself, but threatens to maintain its so-called domination. Smaller neighbors would become prosperous if India changes its mindset adopted since long. But their cooperation with China as an observer and development partner of SAARC is a sine qua non to promote development, prosperity, modernization, literacy, and to eliminate poverty.

China’s development role in South Asia cannot be underestimated, where they offered US$ 22 billion to China in May and in September , offered US$ 20 billion to India. With a total of US$ 42 billion, India should improve its infrastructure and industry instead of senselessly objecting the CPEC.

With the same token, India rejects ties between Pakistan and Sri Lanka and adopts precautionary measures to obstruct the improvement of ties between Pakistan and Nepal, and Pakistan and Bangladesh, and above all, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Is India planning for any more adventures against Pakistan? The military has warned India of a befitting response if it launches any misadventure against Pakistan. It is high time that the Prime Minister and politicians should go an extra mile instead of moving resolutions, where India’s anti-Pakistani project should be fought internationally.

Politicians and Foreign Office should move beyond issuing mere ‘statements’, where this legal case needs to be pursued internationally. After India’s open confession, it is our responsibility to re-fight our case as an independent country, as a separate nation-State, and as an ideological State and educate the international community that we are a responsible State contributing to world’s peace and development. The motive of the ModiSarkar is to provoke us, but let’s go internationally against their wishes.

India would never appreciate Pakistan’s role against counter-terrorism. Lets forget to educate a stone and a cow. Let them to continue their own mantra. India’s new mentor is the United States. Pakistan has acquired a balance in its foreign policy, where atilt towards the United States is over. A more equitable relationship is on the rise between them. China has been now more focusing on building economic ties with Pakistan. While India has lost this balance to maintain a balance in its foreign policy, an equitable theory in its foreign relations does not work any longer.