LAHORE - Lower PPP cadres in Punjab are jubilant at the recent outburst of anger by party Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari against the military establishment and the prospects of party’s deteriorating relations with the PML-N, their main political rival in the biggest province.

Barring a few senior party leaders with whom this scribe talked to, the lower cadres in the PPP think that the situation arising out of Zardari’s statement would prove a blessing in disguise for the party. They see in the current situation an opportunity to revive the dormant party cadres which have long been fed up with their leader’s reconciliation policy with the establishment and the PML-N.

What the PPP jiyala has missed the most during the last one decade is the anti-establishment posture of the party and its opposition to the PML-N. After the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, the PPP had almost said good bye to anti-establishment politics which had been its hallmark over the years.

It is interesting to note that while the first line PPP leadership in Punjab is not endorsing its leader’s utterances against the army, the second and third tiers are excited over the development. Many PPP jiyalas in their off the record conversations said that Zardari’s anti-establishment remarks had infused a new spirit in the party rank and file.

Senior leaders, however, think otherwise. They believe that the PPP’s anti-army stance would prove disastrous for the party which is struggling hard to stand on its feet in the face of a variety of allegations.

As is evident from the developments in the last two days, the PPP and the PML-N now stand apart as the latter has openly sided with army, unwillingly though. Independent observers believe that establishment has skilfully managed to create dissensions between the two main political forces which in the past have been supporting each other against some apparent moves by the establishment to weaken or dislodge their governments.

The political divide in the country would further get clear after the APC convened by the PPP to discuss the situation in the aftermath of its co-chairman’s furious statement.

Many in the PPP think that party’s reconciliation policy has destroyed it which had long maintained its anti-establishment posture since its inception. In the party meetings chaired by Asif Ali Zardari at Bilawal House Lahore in the past two years, it has been a consistent demand of the party men that the PPP should take on the PML-N aggressively on various issues to prove that it was the real opposition force in the province. Their argument was that the space created by the PPP was being occupied by the PTI which should not have been the case.