Finally, the tension seems to have lessened between the two subcontinent neighbours, Pakistan and India, which are nuclear powers but keep the rest of the world and their own people on tenterhooks for most part of each calendar year. The leaders on both sides of the border have hardly ever given the message to the teeming millions in both the countries that they have learned to live like the leaders of the nuclear powers. None of them seem to have acquainted himself of the history of the bipolar world of the cold war. Both the so-called warring nuclear powers USA and Soviet Union persistently kept the doors of dialogue open and always conveyed to the world that both were earnestly trying to limit the number of strategic weapons. They successfully kept the war away from their main lands. The 5 minute telephone call from Indian Prime Minister, Modi to Pakistani Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif has brought an end to verbal brawls being clung to ever since Nawaz Sharif attended the oath taking ceremony of Mr Modi, an unprecedented act by a Pakistani Prime Minister. Nawaz Sharif had to face ridicule by hawks from his own country while being blushingly embarrassed by the statements of the Indian Prime Minister at Dhaka and subsequent uncalled for comments by his junior cabinet minister. The military and political leadership on both sides of the border has to understand that the region cannot afford any war or war like situation in the backdrop of a visible imbalance between the two in conventional weapons. It looks that the phone call by John Kerry and some back channel efforts have played a constructive role in thawing the relationship.

The UN has also appreciated the move and rightfully expected that peaceful means will be used to settle the differences between the two neighbours. The Indian authorities need to realize that the Pakistani military is already busy in curbing the inland terrorism which is going to benefit the whole region including India. Any adventure from the other side on the eastern front will only produce a disaster for both the Indian and Pakistani populace which is already facing the economic and social consequences of the of the 67 year old conflict perpetuated by the vested interests and without their tacit approval. It remains to be seen whether this softening brings about any positive results acceptable to both sides or they again get into the ages old scuffle mode.