Much has been written about PIA in the last few months regarding the airline’s performance and the services offered by its air crew. In spite of the criticisms levelled against PIA, the airline’s workforce remains resilient – operations continue thanks to the competency of its core staff. As a result, things appear to be looking up for the airline this year, for the first time in a really long time, PIA has managed to minimise its losses by 34 percent in 2014 while there has been an 8 per cent increase in passenger revenue.

It is encouraging to note that the country’s national airline is on its way to revival despite the challenging circumstances it has been faced with over the years. While the overall improvement in the economic situation has helped the airline, one cannot discount the management’s proactive approach to finding solutions.

Globally, the airline industry has been known for short-term thinking, poor decision making and poor employee relations. The only airlines that have been successful are the ones that have adjusted themselves to the market’s realities. It is measures such as fleet modernisation, route rationalisation and cost cutting that has put many an airline back in the game, measures that PIA is taking to minimise operational hiccups and maximise efficiency.


Karachi, June 8.