One has always heard of not enough funds being allocated for health and education but not enough is said or understood about the government’s capacity to utilise the existing funds (not counting the unfortunate pocketing, pilfering and placing self-projecting ads in newspapers). The Sindh Government remains unmatched in its capacity to shatter any performance stated in the Guinness Book of Records. Only in the first 11 months of 2014, 311, less than one year old babies died in Thar.

This is how the Sindh Government responded: 2014-15 Health Annual Development Plan, budget allocated Rs.13,224 million and released only Rs.9000 million and used only Rs.4000 million (30% of the allocated budget). The season for mangoes and budgets is here and one can see mouth-watering mangoes in the markets and the mouth-frothing Finance Minister in assemblies, incomprehensibly mumbling ‘arabs’ and ‘kharabs’. It is easy to fool around with tax payers’ money. No one is interested to finding out if these numbers will ever be translated into a meaningful service for the masses.

Reforming the outdated and dilapidated bureaucratic machinery is not on the agenda as it helps them plunder the nation. Even though this rustic machine can no longer think, plan, execute or monitor any serious projects. The Sindh government must be thanked for proving the point.


Lahore, June 13.