Remember the days when rock stars would trash their hotel room or get arrested after their concerts? Taylor Swift has a distinctly different approach.

The 1989 songstress once again proved why she's so popular now that some of her thank you notes have turned up online. The letters, which were handwritten by the star, were sent to various radio station staffers and made it clear once again that she's a class act.

Our favorite was one sent to Alex from the Ben and Kelly Show on 99.7 DJX in Louisville, Kentucky. The brunette is such a Swift superfan that she recreated the singer's look from the "Blank Space" video — and Swift apparently loved it.

"Alex, what a treat it was getting to hang with you backstage," Taylor wrote in her note to Alex. "Your costume was so on point and very seldomly do I get asked about chicken nuggets. You're so sweet to care so much about me. Thank you so much, Taylor."

Courtesy: Yahoo