Thirty people, many of them from same family, are dead after ingesting sweets that had been mixed with pesticide. Dozens more have been hospitalised.

Dr. Taha Salman, a visiting doctor in Layyah, said the patients need to be transferred to Lahore or Karachi medical centers because the local hospital doesn’t have the capability to wash their stomachs.

On one side as we noted that Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif claimed in speeches that his government was providing huge funds to South Punjab for uplift of health, education and other areas of life. Unluckily such incidents show that all is not well in the Seraiki region.

A single hospital of South Punjab including District Hospital Layyah have no instruments to wash stomach of those people who ate poisoned sweets to save their precious lives.

Firstly, who is responsible for such negligence by the Punjab government due to which 30 people died?

Secondly, who will ask Chief Minister Punjab Shahabaz Sharif that why he was making baseless and hollow claims of providing huge funds to South Punjab?


Islamabad, April 29.