Los Angeles (The Independent): Since there’s no word (yet) on plans for Indiana Jones 6, some started to assume the director would pull a Star Wars: The Force Awakens on everyone and have Indy meet his maker by the final reel. Yet, clearly, Spielberg’s seen - and acknowledged - our mass distress over Han Solo; deciding very kindly to spare us all that misery. There’s definitely a sense in the air that this coming sequel will somehow tie up Jones’ story, while potentially opening the door for a new lead to take over the franchise. Sure, that backfired rather spectacularly with Crystal Skull’s introduction of Mutt (Shia LaBeouf), but that doesn’t mean Disney won’t attempt the same.

Nor does it mean the decision would inevitably spell disaster. Though Ford’s Jones is utterly iconic as an onscreen character, the world he inhabits - where history and the supernatural mix in spectacular fashion - is just as rich as he is; there’s plenty of potential here to expand the franchise, without disrespecting Ford’s legacy with the archaeologist.

Indiana Jones 5 hits cinemas 19 July, 2019.