LAHORE - The Jamaat-e-Islami has supported the Pakistan Awami Tehreek’s stance for seeking military trial of Model Town incident and criticised government and judicial system for their failure to provide justice to the victims of the tragedy in which 14 PAT workers were killed in clash with police.

“Police had killed 14 PAT workers two years back but the judiciary failed to dispense justice in the case. This is for what the people have become disappointed from the present judicial system and are looking up to the military courts for justice,” JI chief Sirajul Haq said yesterday while talking to media at an Iftar party. He also criticised government role in the issue.

This was for the first time that JI top leader openly spoke in favour of PAT. A Jamaat delegation also participated in PAT’s sit-in at The Mall on Friday night on completion of two years of Model Town incident. Dr Tahirul Qadri, on his arrival from Canada, also made a rare telephonic contact with Sirajul Haq and sought his support.

Sources said both leaders agreed to remain in contact in future and support each other cause.

The PAT is expected to launch protest movement after Ramazan on Model Town issue and the JI has already launched a “corruption-free Pakistan movement” and seeking probe on Panama-gate issue.

“The JI and PAT though have ideological differences but have some common agendas. It is likely that the delegations of both parties would start attending each others’ protests in future,” sources said.

Both parties have a good number of intact followers across the country.

“Every chief justice admits the weaknesses of the judicial system after his retirement. The question is who would correct this faulty system,” said Sirjaul Haq.

He said that the rulers would never be ready for their accountability and so far failed to set up the judicial commission on Panama gate but delaying tactics won’t save it, he added. Siraj said the present rulers would have to make some sacrifice to escape from the public wrath.

Talking to the leaders of Kashmir Salvation Movement, he said that the Pakistani nation stood shoulder to shoulder with the Kashmiris till the liberation of Kashmir.

He strongly condemned the life imprisonment announced to former Egyptian President Dr Mursi by Egyptian court.