The National Parliament has passed a law strengthening the ability of banks to recover loans against house mortgages. The Senate is not letting this law through despite clarifications from State Bank Governor that cases are languishing in courts for 20 years and the banks are discouraged to lend in the present scenario. 

Weak recovery laws are hindering the overall progress of this country because banks are reluctant to lend generally on merit due to high defaults. It is only the elite who extract loans from banks and then go on willfully defaulting for years and years. If banks give more loans with the promulgation of good recovery laws as in other advanced countries for house building there will be a multiplier effect as theorized by Keynes and the country may come out of poverty trap. 

It is my earnest request to you to write and speak strongly on this issue. Strong recovery laws can be the best medicine for this unfortunate country. 


June 15.