Islamabad - Though flow of traffic has improved with construction and widening of roads in the federal capital, yet redundant U-turn signboards have not been removed, causing inconvenience and confusion to motorists.

A senior official of the Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) admitted the lapse and said the problem would be resolved shortly. He said the ITP had put up new U-turn signs whereas at a number of places the old ones had not been removed due to oversight of the personnel concerned.

“We are taking care of the problem and it will be solved promptly,” he said. As a result of the old signs, motorists have been facing difficulty as when they approach to turn, they find it blocked with cement blocks and have to drive on for some distance till they reach the new U-turn. Such lapses on the part of traffic police can be seen at Blue Area, sectors F-6, F-8 and also in other sectors of the city.

Regarding this particular problem, citizens have criticised the attitude of certain ITP personnel, by saying that apparently their focus has been shifted to issue fine ticket to get their “defined share” rather than focusing on resolving motorists’ problems.