Islamabad - Students from Roots International Schools were given a chance to attend a very interesting session here at the US embassy (IRC).

Students were part of a panel discussion with the diplomats where they learnt a lot from the life experiences of different diplomats, says a press statement issued here yesterday.

Students asked very interesting questions from them and the panellist considered every question and answered them enthusiastically. They appreciates the exposure RIS is providing to its students. The diplomats included Christina Tomlinson, Country Public Affairs Officer, Jon-Paul D Bernard, Assistant Regional Security Officer, and Jeffrey C Vick, Consular Officer.

They briefed the students about importance of IRC. The Information Resource Centre (IRC) at the US Embassy in Islamabad is a specialised unit of the public affairs section. The IRC is staffed by bilingual specialists who have access to state-of-the-art information technologies to serve the information needs of its clients.

They explained the students that their goal is to provide accurate and authoritative information on the US policy, history, government, society and values, and to assist the Pakistani public in understanding the United States and its policies.

The IRC exemplifies the US commitment to free access to information, a core characteristic of a democracy. In the end students presented mementos to the diplomats and invited them to visit their school.