Among many crime scenes, ‘snatching during traffic jams’ is trending since several weeks. But hats off to our government no action is being taken on this regard. Aside from thinking about late arrival to certain destinations and other similar tensions, a person trapped in traffic jam is instilled with a new kind of fear that he/she in next several minutes might get robbed. Furthermore, in some cases if one doesn’t oblige to handover their expensive assets, he/she might get killed which is sometimes proven true. In Pakistan, crime rate is already really high and i think we dont need such crimes to further boost it. Its high time that concerned authorities must take certain steps to eliminate it. For instance, they should try to minimize traffic jams or at-least put CCTV cameras in places where traffic jams are common. Also, they need to train our traffic police to manhandle such situations and do provide them with necessary equipment/weapons to use. 


Karachi, April 29.