TOBA TEK SINGH-Gojra grain market commission agents blocked the traffic for more than two hours by burning woods on the roads as a protest against traffic police on Sunday.

They said that Gojra is one of top areas of Punjab where farmers produce bulk of maize and now when it is the season of maize, daily hundreds of trolleys loaded with maize are brought to the market. As the grain market is small for the purpose, the farmers park their trolleys outside the market, they said.

They added that traffic police not only harassed the farmers but also challaned them and now cases had also been registered against the office-bearers of the Anjuman Arthian. They demanded quashment of the cases, stopping traffic police from challaning and harassing the farmers. They also demanded the vacant railways land adjacent to grain market just for a week so that trolleys could be parked there during the current season.

Later, talks were held between police officers and the Anjuman Arhtian office-bearers where commission agents were assured by the police officials that their demands will be accepted over which they ended their protest and traffic was restored on the roads.