LAHORE: Police are still unable to locate the whereabouts of a woman and her child and the victim’s family alleges an influential lawyer might be behind the ‘mysterious disappearance’ of the two.

The case was heard in the Lahore High Court today.

Justice Abdul Sammi Khan has adjourned the hearing till Tuesday and summoned the DIG Investigation.

Ayesha Bibi and her two-year-old son reportedly went missing after the prominent lawyer’s legal clerk took her with him to meet her estranged husband, who also called up Ayesha and instructed her to come and visit him.

Ayesha’s mother claimed that her 26-year-old daughter was working in the office of lawyer Maqsood Buttar who later married her and they have a male child from the marriage who is two years old.

She claimed that her daughter often spoke of irreconcilable differences with Buttar. She said Ayesha and her two-year-old son had been living in a flat located in Model Town. “It was November 30, 2016, when I visited my daughter’s residence in Model Town. There were no traces of her and my grandson,” she claimed. “It’s been almost seven months now and the two are still missing, I fear they are gone forever. On the day of her disappearance Ayesha came to my house and left with Buttar’s legal clerk,” she claimed.

She also alleged her son-in-law had even tried to kill Ayesha by pushing her off a cliff near Murree due to which she suffered severe injuries and multiple fractures. The victim’s brother claimed that his family is receiving death threats from the accused.

A large number of human rights activist were gathered outside the court to express solidarity with the victim’s family.