This Eid ul Fitr was special for the entire nation. At last, the notorious militant Mullah Fazlullah –who was head of Tehreek Taliban Pakistan (TTP) – was killed in a drone strike. The news came as a sigh of relief for many whose lives became miserable as these militants not only wrecked the peace of the country but also killed thousands of civilians including children. The scars of attack on Army Public School Peshawar are still fresh in the collective memory of the people.

The death of the TTP leader will also pave the way for better bilateral relations between Islamabad and Kabul. The drone strike that killed the notorious Taliban leader was a joint effort thus strengthening Islamabad’s stance “that a cooperative and coordinated approach is the best response to the menace of terrorism.” The reports that the TTP has confirmed its leader death as well means that their leader is gone for sure unlike the previous false claims about his death.

Meanwhile, when the organisation is in tatters and trying hard to find a haven, it is crucial for America, Afghanistan and Pakistan to work jointly to eradicate terrorism from the region. Instead of securing narrow national interests, a better approach towards the elimination of terrorism and militancy will be if the governments work together to strengthen cooperation and coordination.

The confirmation of Fazlullah’s death will no doubt remove the environment of mistrust between the two neighbours. His demise is also a considerable loss to the TTP. The killing of TTP’s chief is a sigh of relief for Pakistan since he never appreciated dialogue or rapprochement with Islamabad. However, what is essential for all the concerned governments is to keep the fact in mind that his death will not bring Taliban to stop from their attacks on Pakistan. His death is only a temporary setback to the movement. While individuals may be necessary, their end does not mean the elimination of a cause. The uneasy partners in this war on terror need to come up with a strategy that can dismantle the movement.