Islamabad - The Polyclinic and the Pakistan Medical Institute of Medical Sciences received over 2,000 accident-related cases during Eid holidays, said officials on Monday.

An official at Polyclinic said that due to a large influx of tourists and picnickers in the federal city, the hospital received an increased number of emergency cases.

The hospital also received a total of 3,106 normal emergency cases during the same period.

Polyclinic spokesperson Dr Shareef Astori told The Nation that like every Eid, the hospital received a large number of accident-related cases.

He said that no critically injured had been brought to the hospital, however, a few of them were hospitalized for eight hours before they were discharged after giving the first aid.

He said that most of the people had sustained minor injuries while a few had sustained fractures.

Dr Shareef said that 42 medico-legal cases were registered after the patients did not sort out their vehicle accidents disputes.

He said that in such accidents, the bikers and the youth get injured during wheeling or spending.

Dr Shareef also said that the emergency was still receiving sporadic cases related to the road incidents and the emergency of the hospital was fully functional and providing first aid to the patients.

He said there was no shortage of beds and all the doctors had been put on on-call to deal with emergencies.

Meanwhile, the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences also received above 2,000 different emergency cases.