Cat eyes were first introduced in the UK, but now they are being used all over the world. Cat eyes are placed in the center of such roads which are subject to high speed or high traffic volumes but lack street lighting. They are also used for marking lanes on such roads where overtaking is not permitted.

Cat eyes are also placed along the hard shoulders of motor ways. Temporary cat eyes are also placed on such parts of motorway where some construction work is being carried out. These uses indicate how cat eyes are not meant to be driven over and are used to restrict the movement of vehicles.

They are not used as speed breakers anywhere in the world except in Karachi where cat eyes are used on the main roads as speed breakers.

Concerned authorities are requested to remove cat eyes as speed breakers since the vehicles are required to completely stop when driving over these cat eyes to avoid damaging their tires, which ultimately leads to traffic jams. They should instead be used for the purposes they are used for in the rest of the world

Aisal Ansar,

Karachi, June 13.