Many lawyers and members of Judiciary, who are protesting and demanding the Government to revert it’s decision of investigating two High Court Judges for irregularities, have confused people. Do these lawyers not trust the Judiciary system of Pakistan? If not, then how can they work for the same Judiciary system?

From many high profile court cases discussed in media and from our personal encounters with the courts, we all know that there are good and bad judges. For example, Ex-MNA Hanif Abbasi was declared a criminal by one court for supplying chemicals used in the manufacturing of drugs which has ruined many lives in Pakistan. He was, however, acquitted by another court.

Everyone has been witnessing many similar court cases for decades. Take the case of Mukhtar Mia, who was gang-raped and paraded naked in her village. For this case, former Chief Justice, Iftikhar Chaudhry, took a Suo Moto action. But the courts eventually dismissed the case since its FIR was filed incorrectly. How can a former Chief Justice file a wrong FIR?

We should use the mechanisms available to us to investigate corrupt judges. We cannot have a productive society without justice.

Engineer Shaheryar Baseer,

Peshawar, June 13.