The economic growth seems poor economic growth, which results in less than 5 to 4.5%. Consequently, the current economic growth of Pakistan is 3.8% whereas it was 5.8% during Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif. The poor economic growth leads to inflation, low level of living standard, poor health conditions, malnutrition or shortage of necessities etc.

However, the government of Pakistan is not going to recover from economic instability or enhance economic growth. It is quite clear that when a country’s economic growth is below a minimum level, that country is called a developing country.

And Pakistan is easily categorised as one. Pakistan’s government is taking a positive step to apprehend the corrupt people to bring their looted money back, which can be a great source to fill our national kitty.

Finally, I humbly request the government of Pakistan to make reforms in all departments. Reforms will help in reviving the economy of the country.

Hassan Jan,

Turbat, June 13.