SHIKARPUR   -   The Save Shikarpur Committee staged a protest demonstration at Shikarpur Press Club on Tuesday against prolonged power outages, ‘looting’ ice factory owner and issuing illegal connections to Wapda employees.

The rally led by Mian Zafar Alvi, was also later joined by the leaders of various religious and political parties.

Speaking to the protesters, leaders including Zafar Ali Channa Advocate, Zahid Bhanbhro, A Ghafoor Dayo, A Wahab Kagzi, Bashir Noon, Ihsan Jeho, Abdul Fatah Mahar, Fazaullah Noorani and others said that there was at least 16-hour power outage during the scorching heat.

Furthermore, they allegedly said that Secpo officials were involved in giving illegal connections to Wapda employees from express feeder and no authority was there to bring them to task. They also added that a few days earlier a team of Sepco headed by Xen Shikarpur Sabir Bugti and concerned officers raided the ice factory owned by Dost Muhammad Chanio, president of PML-N Shikarpur and Vice president Save Shikarpur.