Lahore-India tennis player Sania Mirza appeared stressed in response to a viral video at Sheesha bar in Manchester to the remarks she received on social media.

The video was purportedly shot the night before the June 16 match between India and Pakistan.

The video also demonstrates at the table some other Pakistan cricketers such as Wahab Riaz and Imam-ul Haq.

Mirza responded to the video that the person who took it and called it a violation of her privacy seemed to be posting on Twitter, claiming the group was just out for lunch.

Pakistani actress Veena Malik replied to Mirza’s response to the clip and criticised the tennis player for taking her child to a “hazardous” environment. Veena took to twitter and wrote: “Sania, I am actually so worried for the kid. You guys took him to a shisha place isn’t it hazardous? Also as far as I know Archie’s is all about junk food which isn’t good for athletes/boys. You must know well as you are mother and athlete yourself?”

Mirza Sania, was quick to respond: “Veena, I have not taken my kid to a shisha place. Not that it’s any of your or the rest of the world’s business because I think I care about my son a lot more than anyone else does. Secondly, I am not [the] Pakistan cricket team’s dietician nor am I their mother or principal or teacher…”

Continuing in another tweet, she wrote: “… to know when they sleep, wake up and eat. Thank you for your concern though means a lot.”