ANKARA (AA) The trade and investment ties between the U.K. and Turkey have a great potential, the U.K.’s international trade secretary said Tuesday.

In an exclusive interview with Anadolu Agency, Liam Fox said a big opportunity lies in the complementary nature of both economies, particularly in financial services, in legal services, educational services and life sciences. “All of these areas and more, I think we have got an ability to work together,” Fox said.

He noted that the U.K. is the world’s second biggest services exporter and has a lot of expertise in a lot of areas where a benefit into joint ventures and collaborations could be brought by the two countries. Fox also said that the U.K.’s skills in project management enable both countries to have the ability to improve their economies and to help the Turkish economy grow and mature more quickly.

“That is a win-win for both of us,” he said. “It means more jobs and more prosperity here in Turkey, but it also for the U.K. means a potentially bigger market to sell into.” The U.K. is among Turkey’s top trade partners -- second largest market for Turkish products and seventh largest source for the country’s imports.

Last year, Turkish exports to the U.K. amounted to $11.1 billion while its imports from the U.K. totaled $7.4 billion. “The degree of improvement in our trading relationship means that we are already performing better than the targets that were previously set,” Fox said.