Lahore  -  DIG Operations Lahore Ashfaq Khan has said that Lahore Police Operations Wing is striving hard to protect the lives and property of the citizens along with containing them from contraction of fatal affects of coronavirus. He said, implementing on the directions of Punjab Government, Lahore Police had locked down and sealed around 53 most affected areas from Coronavirus till June 30th, designated in the notification of Home Department.

Ashfaq Khan said that around 3 thousands Police officers had been deployed on as many as 280 pickets of Lahore Police at these coronavirus affected hot spots and lockdown areas to contain the unnecessary movement of the citizens. DIG Operations further informed that around 1 thousand Police officers had been performing security duty at the exit and entrance points of the sealed or lockdown areas in three shifts.

While providing details, the spokesperson Lahore Police informed that as many as 8 areas of the City Division falling under Police Stations Shafiq Abad, Shadbagh, Shahadra, Shahdra Town and PS Badami Bagh had been sealed. These areas comprise Karim Park Block No 2, 3, 4, Amin Park Street No 1, House No 26, Street No 2, Muhallah Goal Bagh Shadbagh, Begum Kot Shama Colony or Nain Sukh Street no 4, Bara Dari Road Street no 2, Masoom Shah Road, Ravi Clifton Shahadra near Fauji Street, Hanif Park Street no 9 Badami Bagh and Street no 4 Malik Park.

The spokesperson said that 3 localities of Civil Lines Division falling under PS Qilla Gujjar Singh including Abdul Karim road, Usmania Colony, Royal Park had been sealed. Similarly 13 localities of Iqbal Town Division falling under PS Sanda, Wahdat Colony, Gulshan-e-Ravi and PS Nawan Kot namely Street no 55, Street no 04 of Chaman Bagh Raj Garh, Street no 23, Street no 10 and 13, Chaudhary building, Islam Street, Iqra School Street of Ram Nagar, Front area of Ram Nagar, Bilal Park, Ghousia Colony, Alhamd Colony, F Block Gulshan-e-Ravi and Tariq Colony Nawan Kot had been sealed. Moreover, 5 localities of Model Town Division including A3 Block Gulberg, A3 Block Bandu Khan Sweets and Bakers to Masjid Talha, Nadeem Tikka to Tariq Kabaria, B1, B2 and B3 Blocks of Gulberg as well as some areas of Garden Town had also been sealed.

As many as 8 hot spots points of Sadar Division falling under 4 Police Stations including B Block, F2 Block, J2 Block, G3 Block of Johar Town, PCSIR Phase 2-B Block, Canal view society B Block, G and F2 Blocks of Wapda Town had also been sealed.

Spokesperson Lahore Police further informed that as many as 16 localities of Cantt Division falling under 10 Police Stations including House no 14, Street no 4 Main Tajpura, Street no 1 Nizamabad E Block Tajpura, Street no 2 Shah Alam Colony, UBL bank Street Hafeez Park, Street no 3 Ali Muhammad Park, Street no 3 Gujja Peer Road Tajpura, Siraj Pura and Bilal Colony Daroghawala, Jallo Morr Dhobi Muhalla, A&B Blocks of Bismillah Housing Scheme GT Road Manawan, Hussain Pura Kothi stop opposite Bismillah Housing Scheme, area near Lasani Pharmacy, Aik Minar Wali Masjid Manawan, all sectors of DHA Phase I, Askari 10 complete, all sectors of DHA Phase V, Sheraz Villas Cavalry Ground, Street no 5, 8, 9, 11, 13, 15,  26, 27 of Gulistan Colony Mustafa Abad and Paragon Barki had been sealed.