ISLAMABAD - The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is all set to start the project of environment cleansing unit and water purification units for Islamabad.

Despite the tensions caused by immense growth of coronavirus in the city, the project is expected to be completed in three years and is solely carried out by the Environmental Protection Agency Islamabad.

Talking to TheNation, the chairing lady of the department of EPA Islamabad Miss FarzanaAltaf stated that to control the releasing emissions- which contribute most to pollute the environment- their department was working on the project of making Air Pollution Control units to mitigate the effects of harm caused by the chemicals in the atmosphere. Apart from this, the same type of project is also being initiated to regulate the cleansing of water in the capital.

Briefing about this project, Miss Farzana told that the project was initiated to ensure the supply of clean and healthy water to all residents of the capital. The official further said that the project was being carried out solely by their department without any intervention of Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad and Capital Development Authority. 

When this correspondent asked the chairing lady of EPA about the effect of the emerging coronavirus to their ongoing work on these projects, Miss Farzana replied that two of the workers in their department were already diagnosed with COVID-19 owing to increase in outdoor activities for carrying these projects.

However, she told that their department was optimistic and workers were on the field with full precautionary measures. She stressed that the virus was no obstacle to their work on the field.

Luckily, for the residents of the capital these new projects of environment for cleansing of water and air are being carried out.

However, for the year 2020-2021, the government has not launched any new scheme in the federal budget in the country for all important environment sector.

Under the Public Sector Development Project (PSDP), a total of Rs5 billion has been earmarked for six ongoing climate related projects.

Interestingly, Rs 4.9 billion will be spent on just Tsunami Tree Project, while the remaining,Rs100 million, is spared for the rest of the projects.