Peshawar                -          A leading businessman and Awami National Party senior leader, former senator Ilyas Ahmad Bilour has alleged that the government is responsible for the rapid spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) and attack of locusts swarm in the country. He said the incumbent, incompetent and inexperienced, rulers have completely ruined the country’s economy. 

Ilyas Bilour asked the government to take prompt steps to contain further spread of  Covid-19, otherwise the whole nation will be in danger of this deadly virus. He said instead of imposing smart lockdown, a four weeks curfew should be clamped down across the country.

Amid the Covid-19 crisis, the ANP leader alleged, the whole nation had been trapped owing to the stubborn attitude and incompetency of the selected prime minister.  He said, “If three weeks lockdown was imposed in the first two months when the Covid-19 broke out, a large number of people would have been safe from this deadly virus”. 

Bilour held the prime minister responsible for a large number of deaths from the Covid-19. He said PM Imran had blamed the masses for his criminal negligence, which is strongly deplorable.

The ANP senior leader said the incompetent and inexperienced present rulers have brought the economy on verge of bankruptcy. “We have never seen such incompetent prime minister, during the last three decades,” ANP leader maintained.

He alleged that the government has deliberately spread the coronavirus, which is sabotaging efforts of doctors and people to contain the pandemic.  

He said Prime Minister Imran Niazi is answerable to the people that what steps PTI government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was taking for containing the Covid-19. “Why the death rate is so high in KP,” he asked.