ISLAMABAD           -       Jennifer Lawrence has launched her own Twitter profile. The Silver Linings Playbook star, 29, joined the social media platform earlier this month and shared her first tweet recently. Jennifer previously said that she would ‘never’ have an Instagram account however she has since decided to make her social media debut. So far the actress’ Twitter - which has the handle @JLawrence_RepUs - has just 3,500 followers. The actress is using her huge platform to speak out on the Black Lives Matter movement, after sharing a series of tweets advocating for the recent protests. The profile picture Jennifer has used is from the promotional image from her campaign Unbreaking America: Solving the Corruption Crisis. Jennifer and director of anti-corruption campaign RepresentUs Josh Silver walk through three lives that show what’s wrong with the legal corruption in a short film. The short aims to show what is wrong, how they can help to fix it and what viewers are able to do about it themselves.