ISLAMABAD - Justice Qazi Faez Isa’s wife Thursday showed the documents related to her London properties and explained the income sources through which she purchased the same in United Kingdom.

In her video link statement before a ten-member member of the Supreme Court of Pakistan which heard identical petitions against the Presidential Reference filed against Justice Isa, she requested the bench not to show them to the government. She maintained that all the properties are in her name, one with her son and another with her daughter. These properties were purchase in 2004 and 2013.

“My name on properties is Zarina Montserrat Khoso Carrera, as it is written on my Spanish passport while the total worth of these properties is no more than 700,000 Pound Sterling,” she said adding she paid tax both in Pakistan and United Kingdom.

In the beginning of the hearing, Justice Umar Ata Bandial, the head of the bench, said that her statement would be recorded.

After hearing her statement, the SC bench advised the wife of Justice Isa to approach tax authorities or Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) for explaining her position.

He added that they cannot look at the merit of the case. “This we have indicated to your husband that the matter should go to the income tax authority,” he added.

Justice Bandial also told her that another forum she may take this record is the SJC and make the statement there as you have strong answer. He maintained, “We are impressed with your explanation and with your bravery and courage.”

In the beginning of her statement, she thanked the bench for providing her this opportunity. She said, “I have been asking my husband that why they [authorities] are not asking me about the sources.”

She informed that on the advice of Tahir Naqvi, her counsel, who is no way connected with her husband’s law firm, opened Foreign Exchange Currency accounts - one in US Dollar and other Sterling Pound - at Standard Chartered Bank, Karachi. She said, “I had no connection with the law firm of my husband. I choose my own lawyer.” She told that the money was transferred to United Kingdom through banking channel.

In her almost one hour long statement about her properties and the sources with that London properties were purchased, she seemed sobbing with choked voice on many occasions. She showed her birth certificate, national identity card, issued to her, Spanish passports and visa entries, bank papers and the income tax documents. She said that these are original documents and requested the court not to show them to the government.

Zarina Khoso told that she did not state the foreign properties and income in tax return when the law did not require but when the law changed then started disclosing them in the tax return.

She complained that her Regional Tax Office (RTO) was in Karachi but this year it was transferred to Islamabad without her knowledge. “I have been to the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) for inquiring why the RTO changed they kept me waiting for hours and sent one office to another. They said that RTO cannot be change from Islamabad but on the direction of the apex court they transferred it back to Karachi.

She added when she visited the FBR nobody there asked her about the source of the properties. She also said why in 13 months no one asked from her about the sources. She told that her son in London was followed and harassed. She further said, “I am not asking for any privilege but like that I should be treated as a normal citizen and compliance under law.”

Zarina Khoso continued, “Thank you very much for affirming the request. I will try to follow the instructions of the court. I am nervous. It is very difficult time for me and my family.”

She mentioned, “My father is dying as he is cancer patient. Since I married I am no longer with my father.” “I have been going to London since the age of 23. The first Identity Card was issued to me before I got married to Justice Qazi Faez,” she added.

Zarina said that when her husband was not judge, the government of Pakistan gave her five-year multiple visa. So her husband did not use his position for getting visa for her. She further said, “In January when I applied for visa the authorities were not issuing it and harassed me but ultimately gave me one year visa instead of five years.”

She informed the court that after the marriage she lived with her family in Karachi. Before marriage, she was teaching in American school in Karachi and worked many years. Despite handsome salaries she was also getting other perks and privileges.

She told that Rehan Hassan used to file her tax returns and Tahir Naqvi was her counsel before he passed away and he had all her tax documents. The government of Pakistan had given her tax certificates.

Zarina Khoso said that she bought the properties in Clifton, Karachi and a plot in Latifabad, Karachi, but later on sold them. “I also own agriculture land in Dera Murad Jamali, Balochistan. My counsel had informed that the income from agriculture is not taxable and therefore did not mention in the tax returns. On the advice of the counsel Tahir Naqvi, she opened Foreign Exchange Currency accounts one dollar and the other UK pounds account in Standard Chartered Bank. He said that if you have foreign currency account then you do not need to disclose the foreign income.