“My religion is humanitarianism, which is the

basis of every religion in the world”

-Abdul Sattar Edhi

Perhaps one of the greatest humanitarians to ever walk this earth, Abdul Sattar Edhi, born on 28 February 1928, was a Pakistani philanthropist and founder of the Edhi foundation: the largest run volunteer ambulance service in the world.

From early in his life, Edhi believed in humanitarianism displacing all other disciplines and faiths. He believed that all individuals, regardless of their status, were entitled to their basic human rights and needs. At a young age of only 19, Edhi’s mother – whom he had taken care of for the past eight years due to her paralysis – passed away, leaving a resounding impact on Edhi and causing him to reflect and work to the betterment of all those affected by similar illnesses and in need of care.

With the help of his community, Edhi established the Edhi Trust, later expanding this into the Edhi Foundation, a free healthcare service responsible for providing shelter, medical care, and rehabilitation to those who need it. The foundation was run, and is to this day, is operated on the private donations and grants provided for by individuals and corporations alike.

Known as the Angel of Mercy, Edhi passed away on 8 July 2016, and became one of the only three Pakistani’s to receive a state funeral. The richest poor man in the world left behind a legacy to be cherished and preserved for generations to come.