MIRANSHAH - Unknown Taliban militants on Wednesday threatened to kill Khadeeja Abdul Qahar, a Canadian Muslim female journalist, if they were not paid two million US dollars as ransom by March 30. The Taliban militants had abducted Khadeeja Abdul Qahar on November 15, 2008 from Janikhel, an area near Bannu, and later shifted her to an unknown location. They have been demanding the amount as ransom for her release since the abduction. The militants delivered a CD and a hand-written letter in Miranshah Press Club on Wednesday. In that CD Khadeeja Abdul Qahar appeared as saying, "I am a hostage in a very rough region between Pakistan and Afghanistan. I am ill and unable to survive for a long time. I want to go back home and meet relatives." She also appealed to the human rights organisations, Pakistani and Canadian governments to help for her release. Khadeeja further revealed that her abductors had threatened to kill her if their demand was not accepted by March 30. The hand-written letter also endorsed the words of Khadeeja Abdul Qahar.