This is in response to Mr Inayatullahs article titled 'Governance, PM Gilani (The Nation, March 13). I think the writer has allowed his subjectivity to stand in way of a neutral analysis of PMs speech. While one cannot deny there are some fundamental problems afflicting our polity, it would be unfair not to give credit to the democratic government where due. Mr Inayatullh gave a comparative study of some of these problems. Yes, the inflation has increased and there are other urgent issues too. But there are also several achievements of the government which he has failed to acknowledge. Political ownership of the war on terror, passage of a consensus-based NFC award, Benazir Income Support Programme, Balochi-stan Package, Empowerment of Women Act, and to top it all, politics of national consensus and reconciliation. Credit should be given where due. -SONIA ZAFAR, Lahore, March 13.