The violent protest against hike in public transport fares in Islamabad continued for the second day on Friday as protesters at Faizabad burnt tyres and closed Murree and Saddar roads. The demonstrators took to roads early morning and blocked Murree Road. Police resorted to baton charge, teargas shelling and aerial firing to disperse the angry protesters. Rangers have also taken position. The road blocks caused traffic jam in capital city. The protesters pelted stones at policemen and chanted slogans against the government. As time passed the number of angry mobs accelerated as many students also joined in the protest. The angry protestors started burring tyres and damaging public property. According to reports at least nine persons have been injured in police firing at the protesters. Some policemen have taken positions at rooftops of buildings and have started aerial firing to disperse the protesters. Meanwhile according to a private TV channel the vehicle of the UN team, probing the murder of Benazir Bhutto, that was on its way to Islamabad, also came under the attack of the mob and had to turn back to the airport. The UN team has reportedly demanded protection from the US embassy The protesters have said that the transporters are receiving Rs 15 to 20 rupees fare from one stop to another. They are demanding action against transporters for getting inflated fares.