NEW DELHI - Indian Army Chief General VK Singh, has said that people within the Army including some serving officers plotted against him to blow up the controversy about his age and huge money was spent by these elements to tarnish his image.

“A lot of people went on a drive to tarnish my image because they were not happy with the cleansing action I had taken. You will be surprised to know the amount of money which was spent to get the false certificate about my date of birth,” Gen Singh said in an interview to The Week magazine.

He said serving officers behind this plot have been identified and action would be taken against them under the army rules. Gen Singh said the age issue was played up to highlight that he had fudged his date of birth. This is to be mentioned here that the Indian army chief would be retiring in May after facing controversy about his age for more than a year that culminated in the withdrawal of a writ petition by him in the Supreme Court on February 10.