LAHORE - Despite lapse of four years, the Balochistan Assembly is yet to form the Public Accounts Committee and different standing committees. And their formation is least expected by the members.

Most of the legislators consider absence of a vibrant opposition in the house as the main reason for the non-existence of the committees, according to a BBC Urdu report.

Senior Minister Maulana Abdul Wasay said that some ministers and the bureaucracy did not want the committees to be established because the leadership of most of these would fall in the hands of the JUI.

BNP-Awami MPA Fouzia Marri said that the opposition did not play any active role in the assembly, adding the Balochistan CM has been keeping everyone happy by awarding them different ministries and advisories of their choice which was the core reason for the non-formation of the committees.

Terming it the failure of government, Agriculture Minister Asad Baloch said that these committees were not only necessary but were the “soul of democracy” as these play an important role in solving the problems of the people.

Balochistan Assembly Speaker Muhammad Aslam Bhootani said that democracy is vague without these committees and in their absence the assembly could not serve its due purpose.