ISLAMABAD - The joint sitting of the Parliament would take up much awaited and much talked about recommendations on overall foreign policy review with specific focus on the Pak-US relations and restoration of the NATO supplies on new terms and conditions here on Tuesday (tomorrow) with heated and hard-hitting debate expected on the subject.

The joint sitting would likely remain in session for three days and ahead of the session the ruling coalition and joint Opposition would have separate meetings to draw their line of action for the session. Due to the pressure from PML-N and other Opposition parties the session would be kept open to media.

However, some portions containing the briefing by the military leadership and Foreign Ministry could be declared in-camera owing to the sensitivity of the matter to which the Opposition parties had also agreed.

Sources aware of the background meetings taking place between the ruling PPP, its allies and Opposition parties it was decided that by and large the Parliamentarians would confine themselves to the recommendations of the Parliamentary Committee on National Security, but some hard-hitting speeches on the subject and demand to keep the suspension of the NATO supplies intact would come from some of the Opposition parties.

Some insiders in the coalition government informed that government wanted to restore NATO supplies through land routes from Pakistan and that was the reason they seemed little interested in seeking unconditional apology from US for Salala check-post ambush by NATO troops in November last year resulting in the killing of some 26 Pakistan Army personnel, which was initially sought from the US both by the military and political leadership of the country.

While Opposition parties were determined not to let it be an easy task for the rulers and would definitely seek some tougher conditions for restoration of these supplies via Pakistan and would seek some linkage of supplies restoration with unabated drone attacks in Pakistani territory resulting in the killing of innocent people.

Sources in the PML-N informed that they would propose in the meeting that besides bringing all agreements with US and NATO in black and white the NATO supply restoration would be linked to the immediate end to the drone strikes inside Pakistan.

All future actions on Pakistani soil should be conducted through Pakistani law-enforcement agencies instead of direct action by foreign troops, it said.

Political sources said that Leader of Opposition in National Assembly played quite smart and ahead of this crucial joint session he had managed to woo all the Opposition parties including JUI-F which had committed to the PML-N to stand with them thick and thin through.

Although all the political parties, which are part of the Parliament, had given their consent to the set of recommendations presented by the Parliamentary Committee on National Security (PCNS) but they are expected to come down hard on government during the joint session of the Parliament and could create problems for ruling alliance on the issue of restoration of NATO supplies through Pakistani land routes.

Sources aware of the development taking place on this front informed that all the major stakeholders in the government wanted to restore the NATO supplies on revised terms and conditions but the Opposition parties would definitely attempt to take political mileage out of it by enhancing their public image.

The sources near to PML-N informed that although they have given their input in the 35-point recommendations to the Parliament on restoration of the NATO supplies but at the same time they would press the government to implement the earlier resolutions adopted by the Parliament and would definitely take tough stand on the unabated drone hits inside Pakistan.

These sources said that PML-N would recommend that government should force US to transfer drones technology to Pakistan instead of direct action and also seek commitment from US that they would not repeat Salala Check-post like action in future.

Sources further said that the Parliament could seek some briefings from military and Foreign Ministry officials during the course of discussion on the subject and in this connection some portions of the joint session of the Parliament could be declared in-camera keeping in view the sensitivity of the matter.