Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif has specifically urged cooperation with China in the IT sector. There is no disputing his contention that in the 21st century, it is the IT sector that reigns supreme in every sphere of life. It is also good to know that he announced that a 110MW Taunsa Hydel Power project would soon be on steam with Chinese help. To a very large extent, China itself owes its current prosperous position in the world to revolutionary advancements in its IT sector. Their military technological expertise is totally indigenous, a reason why even the US is afraid of it. Pakistan in its current position can gain a lot from Chinese success. It surely is a crumb of comfort to know that our telecom sector is now enjoying the status of an industry owing to rapid induction of modern software.

In Punjab, it is because of the provincial setup that a large number of government schools now have computer labs, where skilled faculty is imparting education. The laptop initiative as well as the setting up of the Arfa Technology Park in Lahore are part and parcel of the same effort. However, responding to the need for a separate IT university, Mian Shahbaz assured that it would be set up. Our goal should be to gain self-reliance in the IT field. It is obvious that a concerted effort would be required to create a human capital that can put the country on the path of an IT revolution.