LAHORE - Khawaja Naseer - Governor Latif Khosa has said that historic worst government is ruling the province right now. In an exclusive interview with Waqt News, he came hard on CM Shahbaz Sharif, saying in ridiculous manner that he will pray to God to give him (Shahbaz) brains.

He said that Shahbaz Sharif was trying to lure students through laptops after failure of Sasti Roti Scheme, Aashiana Housing Scheme and Ghost Daanish Schools. He said the laptops distribution is political campaign. He termed insult of President Zardari as humiliation of 190 million people of Pakistan. He said if the PML-N did not like President Zardari, it should bring impeachment motion but it could not do so as it lacks majority in National Assembly and the Senate. He said that had they support of Intelligence Bureau during Governor Rule, Nawaz Sharif would not have been able to come out of his house. He said the PML-N tried to ridicule public mandate through Mehran Bank.  He said those who are criticising the federal government should keep in mind that development projects had been given to the provinces after 18th Amendment. He said that those who had not voted for Aslam Gill had in fact committed treachery with the blood of Benazir Bhutto. He added that it was not right to blame him for the defeat of Aslam Gil. Raja Riaz was incahrge at provincial level for senate elections and used to say that he had made arrangements for getting votes, the governor added. Khosa said that he would hold those responsible who purchased votes of PML-Q. He criticised Election Commission of Pakistan and added that facts would to surface after committed headed by the President’s sister completes investigation. Khosa said that Bneazir foregetting past atrocities of the PML-N signed Charter of Democracy with Nawaz Sharif in 2006 which was basically aimed at stabilising democracy. He regretted that those who signed CoD later expelled our ministers and launched an unending propaganda. He said that Shahbaz Sharif was running the province like a Mughel King but he should keep in mind that in democracy one had to take along friends, allies and opponents.

To a question about his comparison with Salman Taseer governance, he said the latter used to talk in hard tone. He censured Shahbaz governance, saying  dengue and drugs in PIC claimed hundreds of innocent lives but the CM did not like to brief members at the assembly.  Yesterday, PPP leader Raja Riaz had criticised Shahbaz.